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          High Temperature Oven
          • High Temperature Oven
          High Temperature Oven

          High Temperature Oven

          High Temperature Oven

          High temperature oven are used to dry, bake and preheat various materials or specimen,by means of hot air circulation method to uniform the temperature distribution.

          1. Automatic temperature control with digital thermal-sensor
          2. Excellent thermal insulation property of ovens wall, lower energy consumption,
          3.  Be able to pre-set temperature, digital temperature display with LED panel.
          4. Temperature value flashes on indicator when reach preset value.
          5.  Circulation fan facility to keep even temperature and uniform heating

          Technical Parameters:

          Internal Dimension
          External Dimension
          650×900×550700×1200×650850× 1600×7001200× 1680×900
          Inner and Outer MaterialMaterial of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel, of the outer box is stainless steel or  SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
          Temperature RangeRT-200℃; (300-500℃ is optional)
          Analytic Accuracy/Distribution
          Uniformity of Temperature
          0.1℃/±2.0℃;( When temperature is 100℃)
          Control Accuracy of Temperature±0.5℃;
          Temperature Rising  Speed RateTemperature rising speed rate: RT~200℃; Approx. 35mins
          Control MethodMicro PID+SSR+Timer
          Storage ShelfTwo layers
          Observation Glass
          When temperature is RT-200℃ ,with observation glass widow
          When temperature is 200℃-500℃ ,without observation glass widow
          PowerAC 220V, 1∮ 3  Lines , 50/60HZ ;    AC 380 V ,3∮ 5 Lines, 50/60HZ

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