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          Benefits of Cleaning the Temperature Shock Chamber Water System

          Sep. 03, 2019

          In fact, the water system of the Temperature Shock Chamber is very simple. What benefits can the cleaning water channel bring to us? Now China Test Chamber Supplier will give you a detailed introduction.

          1. Discharge the excess water stored in the water tank to the outside of the tank (and use a basin to prevent it from flowing around). Not only can the tank be fouled, but the next test will be mistaken. The tank can be maintained to extend the life of the Temperature Shock Chamber. The role. (Because time is long, it will affect the water pipe blockage, but there is no way to conduct normal experiments)

          Temperature Shock Chamber

          Temperature Shock Chamber

          2. It is also necessary to remove the gauze inside the work. If the gauze turns yellow, if it becomes hard, it can be directly treated as exhaust gas. If the gauze is still intact, it can be cleaned and dried to continue to use it next time. This can save gauze and protect the humidity sensor. Wipe the water vapor or stain in the workroom with a clean rag. For example, the studio does not put manual cleaning. You can directly use the high temperature function of the box, set a 50 degree high temperature barbecue for half an hour.

          There are still many benefits to cleaning the water system of the Temperature Impact Test Chamber, and we hope that all customers can do a good job of cleaning. After all, the maintenance of the later period will make the life of the equipment longer, and it will not affect the normal testing of the equipment.

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