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          PCT chamber/ Pressure Cooker Test
          • PCT chamber/ Pressure Cooker Test
          PCT chamber/ Pressure Cooker Test

          PCT chamber/ Pressure Cooker Test

          (PCT chamber/Saturation type ) Pressure Cooker Test

          Pressure Accelerated Aging Test Chamber (PCT) is widely applied for the testing of sealing property for multi-layer circuit board, IC sealing package, LCD screen, LED, semi-conductor, magnetic materials, NdFeB, rare earths and magnet iron, in which the resistance to pressure and air tightness for above mentioned products can be tested out.

          Safety device:
          1. Safety device for the pot: If the inner box is not closed , the machine can not start
          2. Safety Valve: When the inner box's pressure higher than the machine's undertake value, it will self-relieve.
          3. Double overheat protection device: When inner box's temperature is too high, it will alarm, and Automatic cut off the heating power.
          4. Cover protection: The inner box's cover is made of aluminum alloy, can protect the worker from scald.

          1. Automatic adding water function, and automatic filling water upon the water short storage while testing.
          2. Automatic operation to test process finished, easy to use.
          3. Temperature control: LED digital temperature controller can make accurate testing of temperature setting, control and display.
          4. LED digital timer, when the inner box's temperature reached the setting value, then start to time to ensure the test complete.
          5. Accurate pressure: temperature chart always shows the inner box's pressure and relative humidity.
          6. Water device is automatically discharge not saturated steam in order to achieve the best steam quality.
          7. A integrated silic gel door gasket, air tightness is very good, and long operation life.
          8.The inner box is mirror-polished , graceful and non-pollution

          pct chamber,Pressure Cooker Test,unbiased highly accelerated stress test

          Technical Parameters:

          ModelPCT - 25PCT - 35PCT - 45PCT - 55PCT - 65
          Internal Dimension
          Φ×D (mm)
          External Dimension
          Φ×D (mm)


          Range of 




          (Temperature Rangeof Saturated Steam:100℃~135℃) ,Temperature Range: 120℃,100Kpa/133℃  200 Kpa;(143℃ is special order)  





          Relative pressure: display values  indicated on the  pressure gaugeAbsolute pressure: Value that add 100 Kpa based on display values indicated on the  pressure gauge (The 

          actual value in the inner box)


          Table of


          Humidity ,

          Pressure of 

          Saturated Steam

          Humidity of Saturated Steam100%RH saturation steam humidity





          101.3Kpa +0.0Kg/cm2 ~ 2.0Kg/cm2 (3.0Kg/cmis special standard)
          Recursive DeviceSteam Natural convection circulation
          Safety Protective Devise

          Water short storage protect, over pressure protect. (have automatically/manual water

          replenishing, automatically discharge pressure function )

          AccessoriesTwo layers  stainless steel plate
          Equipment Capacity(L)174387155250
          PowderAC 220V, 1∮ 3  Lines ,50/60HZ ;

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