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          UV Test Chamber
          • UV Test Chamber
          UV Test Chamber

          UV Test Chamber

          UV Test Chamber

          Application:uv aging chamber,uv aging test chamber
          UV Climate Resistant Aging Test Chamber simulates the sunlight damage on the material and product, it is widely used in the evaluation of material climate resistantance.

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          Technical Parameters:

          Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)1150x500x400
          External Dimension WxHxD (mm)1500x1500x550
          Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
          Environmental Temperature for Use+5℃~+35℃
          Test Light SourceUVA,UVB UV light
          Wave Length of
          Test light Source (nm)
          Center Distance
          between Sample and Tube (mm)
          Center Distance
          Between Tubes (mm)
          Material of Internal CaseStainless steel with sanding polish
          Material of External CaseStainless steel with sanding polish or painting coated
          Heating the HumidifierElectric-heat type steam generator ,heating and humidification
          Safety SystemOperation InterfaceDigital smarts touch key input (Programmable)
          Running ModeProgram/constant running type
          InputBlack panel thermometer.PT-100 Sensor
          Standard Configuration1 pc Stainless steel shelves
          Safety ConfigurationProtection of electric leakage, power outage when over-load, over-temperature protection, water short storage, touch the ground protection
          PowerAC220V 1∮3 lines, 50HZ


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