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          Transport Vibration Tester
          • Transport Vibration Tester
          Transport Vibration Tester

          Transport Vibration Tester

          Simulated Transport VibrationTester


          Simulated transport vibration tester is applied to test the vibration-resistance of packed Toys, electronics, furniture, gift, ceramics, equipment,etc., under simulated transport conditions, according to American and EU transport standard (ASTM, IEC).


          1. Unique design, easy to use

          2. Low noise, with buffering function

          3. Frame is powder coating, working table is stainless steel with aluminium alloy rail track 

          "transportation vibration test standard"

          Technical Parameters:

          ModelAS-100AS-200AS-300AS-600           AS-1000
          Effective Area WxD(mm)1200×10001200×10001200×13001300×14001500×1500
           Weight (Kg)200250350450600
           External DimensionWxHxD(mm)1300×650×13001300×650×13001300×650×14001400×750×15001600×850×1600
           Rotating Speed(RPM) 150~300
           Amplitude 25.4mm(1inch),(Accord ASTM.IEC transport standard)
           Time Setting (Approx.) 0~999hours
           Mode of Vibration Reciprocating type
           Power AC220V or  according to the equipment specification

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