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          Xenon Test Chamber
          • Xenon Test Chamber
          Xenon Test Chamber

          Xenon Test Chamber

          Xenon Test Chamber

          Xenon Test Chamber is a comprehensive climate testing machine, it can do climatic aging test , and also can do fading acceleration test under color effect or color changed. The test range including: dying and finishing, printing, leather, plastic, plyglass, painting, textile, printing ink, rubber and also the industry relative color.  Light fastness and fade grade can be known in short time. Those materials exposed at simulated sunlight to evaluated the material’s light fastness performance. To simulate and strengthen the test according to light energy, temperature, rain fall or condensation, humidity, .etc these main climate factors. Adopt simulated sunlight spectrum’s Xenon arc light to create destructive waves under different environment. It can be used for choosing new materials, improving existing materials, or assessment of durability change after material composed.

          1. Advanced design technology and concept.
          2. EXcellent technology of producing and outstanding system of quality management.
          3. Xenon lamp tester can be the most realistic simulated solar spectrum, including ultraviolet,visible and infrared.
          4. Be tested in the range of the full spectrum, necessary for most textile sun and color fastness test.
          5. To determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, etc. "xenon test"

          "Xenon Arc Lamp Test Chamber""xenon arc test chamber""Xenon Chamber""Xenon Test Chamber"

          Technical Parameters: 

          "arc test""light fastness testing machine""weathering chamber"

          Model XL - 1000 
          Internal Dimension 
          WxHxD (mm) 
          External Dimension
           WxHxD (mm) 
          Tube Using Life (H) 1500 
          Tube Power 1KW/6KW 
          Illumination  intensity  340nm
          Full spectrum
          Lighting Filter Type Inner filter Quartz 
          Outer filter Quartz 
          Simulated  Test Status  Test samples:  
          Explore under  
          outer space 
          Cooling System Water cooling or wind cooling  
          Temperature Control Range
          of the Test Cabinet 
          Humidity Control Range
          of the Test Cabinet 
          Rotating Speed of the Samples
          1~5 adjustable 
          Diameter of Sample Shelf(mm) 500±50 
          Sunlight Exposure Cycle 0.01~999 hours 59mins  
          Raining Period/ Time Raining Period:1~240mins,discontinuous-type, adjustable 
          Raining Time:1~9999mins, adjustable, water spray pressure 70~130Kpa 
          Spray Water Flow (L/min) 1~2.4 
          Explore Area(cm2) 7500 
          Power  AC 380V, 50/60HZ , 3∮ 5 Lines  

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